Kopitiam literally means coffee shop or café. It is commonly found all over Singapore and Malaysia. It is a place for people to go, eat, drink, or just gather and chat.

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Please refer to Yelp for our business hours.


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Due to COVID Shelter-In-Place Order,
our business hours are 11:00am to 2:30pm, Weds to Sun
for take-out orders only

Free Delivery: Less than 5 mile radius, $20.00 minimum order amount
less than 5 mile radius, $45 minimum order amount
5-10 mile radius, $75 minimum order amount
11-20 mile radius, $100 minimum order amount
$25 delivery fee for 21 to 25 miles, $120 minimum order amount

We welcome all phone orders!

Chicken Rice is available every Saturday and Sunday for Take-Out:

chicken rice special

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SPECIAL: FREE Kopi or Teh-Tarik with Order*
for SingaporeConnect and MPBA members.

$8.80 Lunch Special - Meal & Drink! (see details)
New BOBA Drink & Smoothie Flavors (see poster)
Laksa Seafood
Cury Noodle Chicken
Laksa Vegetarian
Nasi Lemak Fish Curry

* Free coffee/tea fine print: Limit one drink per person with minimum $10.00 purchase on your receipt. Mention over the counter that you are a SGConnect or MPBA member, and leave your name with email address. Deal ends: December 31, 2014

Come in and enjoy coffee or tea with delicious Asian specialties!